The Windy Coast

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Hight 8 May to September

THE WINDY COAST –  Twindsurfing – kite surfing.


Arrival in Marrakech . Transfer by minibus to Essaouira. Prep. Equipment. Overnight accommodation in a hotel.


Test day. Try out your equipment on the beach of Essaouria. Famous for its International competitions of windsurfing and kite surfing HERE THE WIND BLOWS OVER 320 DAYS A YEAR. The cross shore trade winds will give you the give the direction. Night in hotel.


Load up the Land Rovers after breakfast. Then onto Sidi Kaouki a short drive where you will find your camp for the next few days among the dunes a short walk from the break.


Depending on wind conditions use either the lagoon or the Atlantic Sea.
The Land Rover will help you find wind and surf…Back to the camp for the night.
The solar showers will give you a surprise pleasure after a hard day on the water, the food cooked over an open drift wood fire will top up your energy levels. So all you have to do is relax and watch the sun go down..


The coast stretches away. There are three beaches linked to Sidi Kaouki. A fishing port with local film studios. A few km north you will find the sea grottos and caves of Cape Sim. The land of Jimmy Hendrix. Back to the beach camp for the night.


Breakfast on the beach- better than breakfast in bed!
Then the villages of Tafna, Chichaoua and Ounarad the beaches of Sidi Hamad Saeih are waiting…
Back to the beach for the night.



Surf the local waves after breakfast or relocate with the Land Rover. Return for 16.00 for a meet up with our camel-drivers..ride the Atlantic sun set. Arriving at the camp for a Berber folklore jam. Last night under canvas at the beach camp.


Return back to Marrakesh for return flights .
Depending on flight times a tour of Marrakesh will easily fill your time.

The west of Morocco with her 3500km of Atlantic Coast will give you a holiday destination, where you can take your equipment to the max.

Berber Fire Starting Trick

Cut off the end of a candle. Place this on the bottom of the fire.

Gently place the wood over the candle.

Leave to work..Majic!.

Contact us and live the experience!


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January 22, 2017